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raising rebels

May 1, 2017


I'm raising a rebel, and I am damn proud of it. 


I will raise my daughter to know her worth, even when society doesn't. I will teach her to question things, uncover those answers, and then make smart decisions. I will help her to see her own power. I will show her that we do not have to accept things the way they are. I will empower her to be confident in her choices and her ability to express her emotions. I will encourage her to stand up for what she believes in and not be discouraged when others don't pay attention. I will teach her about equality and that this means that she is able, despite what she sees on TV or reads on the internet. She is able to jump, run, think, and speak up. I will teach her to rebel against things that put her down, make her feel weak, or tell her she can't. I will teach her to rebel against systems that don't make sense, and people who put her in a box. I will allow her to challenge ideas, concepts, and constructs. 

And I hope one day that she will challenge me.


This post was inspired by a book called Goodnight Stories For Rebel Girls, recommended by my friend Anthi. It tells the stories of 100 rebel women who did things when others said they couldn't.






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