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my top 10 pregnancy tips

March 15, 2017



Pregnancy is hard. Even the most beautiful, Hollywood-like pregnancies are still pregnancies. So in order to make it as easy on your body as possible I suggest managing the things that you do have control over and then hopefully the rest won't be so bad. So here goes!


1) Join an exercise class that you pay for, it will force you to keep going.


2) Drink ALL the water. It keeps you running to the loo so your body is always moving, but it also keeps your skin clear and body hydrated.


3) Rest. I managed a full 8 hours most nights, and still needed naps. So while I was still working, I used my weekends to catch up on sleep.


4) Use pillows for support. If you can, buy a pregnancy pillow. If you can't, use a normal pillow propped under your belly and one behind your back. This might add some distance between you and your bed partner, but believe they will thank you when you wake up rested and happy.


5) Enjoy your body. Some days this is impossible, I know. But when you can, take a look at the incredible vessel that is growing a human. It makes the journey a lot easier when you love and feel proud of your bits.


6) Eat! I constantly snacked on things. Nuts, veggies and fruit are easy to pack in your handbag.


7) Take your vits. I alternated between a few brands but I mostly drank the Viridian Pregnancy complex, Solal calcium, and then added some GNLD iron towards the end.


8) Listen to your body. There were a few times that I went out, or did activities that I knew weren’t good for me. I wanted to prove to myself that I could function in society while baking a baby, but sometimes that just isn’t realistic or safe. So don’t feel bad if you want to stay home on a Friday night and binge watch series.


9) Stop comparing. As much as I love social media for inspiration, it can also do the opposite. I remember crying one night because I had seen so many ‘fit moms’ on Instagram that day that I thought I might die of shame at the sight of thickened thighs and bulging bum. 


10) Trust your gut, it is a big one! People feel an intense need to give you advice when you're pregnant and I sometimes felt overwhelmed by all the various opinions. So listen to your body and do what you feel is right.




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