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my postpartum hair secret

May 24, 2017

I've always loved hair extensions. I bought my first set in my first year at university. It was the Jessica Simpson brand and I couldn't afford the real hair so I bought the synthetic ones (you can't wash or apply any heat on these so they don't last long). Clipping them in for the first time with the help of my friend Juliet was so exciting, and I've never turned back. Since then, my collection grew to better quality clip-ins of all different lengths and thicknesses. I love that they can give you instant body or style without damaging your hair with bonds (especially when you have fine hair like me). I currently have my eyes on a set from Barefoot Blonde but I'll have to save a bit before investing in those beauties!


Then a few years ago a new type of extension was released in the form of a halo. Basically, it is one weft of hair on a round piece of 'wire' that reminds me of fishing line. It sits on your head much like a halo, you pull your own hair over the wire and BAM, instant longer hair! I love Halo Hair so much because it doesn't threaten to come loose like some clip-ins do, and it feels so secure. For the last few months I have been losing a lot of hair thanks to those pesky post-pregnancy hormones and have loved that I can add body with my halo.










Halo used to have a stockist in Johannesburg, but sadly don't anymore. I did contact them and they're happy to ship to South Africa! It is definitely a superior product so if you're willing to fork out the cash you won't be disappointed.  

I didn't want to pay the extra delivery fee when my Halo started aging so I found a company who makes them locally, Glamorhair. I went in-store because I wanted to make sure I get the perfect length and colour, but they do online orders too. My hair isn't very thick so I opted for the 60g but if you have more hair then the 110g is probably better.

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