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my newborn essentials

May 10, 2017

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Before I had my baby bug I was scouring the internet for every list I could possibly find to make sure I was prepared for her arrival. For some reason it felt to me like I'd be stranded on an island and needed EVERYTHING in my house asap. So if you're here, I'm pretty sure you know the basics like nappies, clothes (ones that button or zip down the front are easiest for tiny babas), wipes and maybe a stroller. But when I think back on those early survival weeks there are a handful of things that I couldn't do without that I never saw on any lists. Basically she needed a place to sleep, a carrier for the day, and some magic powders and creams to help her little body stay silky smooth.


So here are those items that I think will make your experience so much easier. (I've linked to the brands and items I have, so just click on the heading to see the site)


Moses Basket

My parents gifted us with a moses basket for Christmas and even though I insisted we didn’t need one it was a lifesaver. It meant that our baby bug could sleep right next to our bed where we could hear her every sound (and yes first time parents freak out over every little grunt and moan). If you don’t have a moses basket, then a co-sleeper that sits next to your bed or a baby carrier is perfect too. Anything that helps make those early days of feeding through the night a bit easier. 


A Wrap

I was gifted with a Baby Sense wrap and it became my second skin. It meant that I could have my baby bug snuggled right up close where I like her and have two free arms. Imagine you just spent 9 months wrapped tight inside of your mom’s tummy, her heart beat pounding away, and her body swaying you to sleep then suddenly you’re pushed or yanked into the world. I don’t think that sounds like fun, so the wrap really allows for a smoother transition for you both. 


Wecsin Powder

This powder is amazing for helping those little umbilical stubs heal and stay clean. I used to pop some on with every nappy change and it worked beautifully. 


Calendula Ointment

This should really be called magic cream because I swear it heals and fixes everything. Also gifted to me while I was recovering in hospital, I have used this cream for everything from nappy rash, dry cheeks and eczema and it clears things up in no time.


Bum Cream

I’ve never used any baby powder on my bug’s heinie, I’ve only ever alternated between Pure Beginnings Bum cream (I use their entire range including their wipes, wash, and body cream), and the Hey Gorgeous Bum cream (It is so delicious I’ve been tempted to cover my body in it) which can also be used on their chins when they start teething and on your hands after washing them for the 100 000th time.


Nipple Cream 

Breastfeeding for the first time is hard on your nipples. You and baby are trying to figure things out and while you dance the feeding dance, your poor nipples take a beating. Mine luckily recovered after just a few days and I’m convinced it is because I used the Gluki Nipple cream after every feed. It also tastes nice for baby so that’s a plus. If you don't want to order it online, you can find it at Babies R Us.


So mama (or very good friend of a mama who wants to buy her amazing gifts), there you have it. A list of the things that made my life easier while I walked around with hearts in my sleep-deprived eyes trying to keep a tiny baby girl alive. 

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