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ubuntu baba

May 22, 2017


I’ve always relied on my Baby Sense wrap to wear my baby around the house. It is probably one of my favourite baby items because it allowed me to be handsfree while having my little moon bug snug against my body. As she grew older and much heavier I started looking for something with a bit more structure. I became a little obsessed with finding the perfect carrier because I did a lot of reading on baby hip health and didn’t want to risk hurting those tiny legs. The basic idea is that your baby's leg needs to be supported to the knee to avoid the hips dislocating like they would if they hung straight down. 




I found a few great carriers including the Ergo and Stokke MyCarrier, and I would still love to get my hands on them, but I fell in love with a locally made carrier called the Ubuntu Baba. 





This gorgeous carrier is made from hemp so it is suitable for our climate, something I was very conscious of after wearing my baby in a wrap in the middle of summer. It is easy to put on by myself and I love how it sits on my hips, taking strain off my shoulders. It also comes with a hood that pop over Georgia Luna's head when it is too sunny or she's fallen asleep. 


So if you're in the market for carrier, the head on over to their site and have a look at the beautiful options available. I also bought the teething pads in grey paisley because I have a babe that likes to suck and lick everything.


If you'd like to buy one pre-loved then you can keep an eye out on these facebook pages: Pre-loved Ubuntu Baba, Babywearing for sale South Africa, or Babywearing b\s\t and chat South Africa.





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