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sunny saturday

June 5, 2017

"Yay, it is Friday! Oh wait... I'm a mom".

This quote made me laugh because it is sort of true. I don't get to pack up on a Friday, head for a round of drinks and know that I can sleep my hangover off on Saturday morning like a lot of people my age can do. Nope, I have to bath and feed my bug, hope for a couple of hours of unbroken sleep and wake up at 6 o'clock on Saturday morning to play with my gurgling baby. What is different from the week is that I get full days with Warren. This means an extra pair of hands to help with bug, a couple hours of sleep in the morning while he takes bug for a walk, someone to laugh with when she pulls a new face, and just general fun because we are together. So I love weekends! 


This past Saturday Warren got Georgie bug ready for the day, and when they walked out of the room my heart just burst when I saw her in the Country Road dress that my friends Leyash and Nicole bought for her. So here are some pics we took because she is just too damn cute not to share with the world.













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