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getting creative with leyash

June 21, 2017

I have some incredibly creative friends. Photographers, designers, artists, and thinkers. Leyash is one of those amazing people in my life and the one thing we've always shared a passion for, is food. We spend hours discussing different cuisines, textures, combinations, and colours. We talk about cooking shows, the different countries we have eaten in, and the latest concoction we have whipped up. Leyash is known to make incredible food and then share it with everyone around him. So when he asks to use your kitchen, you do not hesitate for one second (especially when he calls you to tell you he's bringing wood and nails for presentation). 


Here are some pics of the beautifully crafted, asian inspired, vegan food he prepared for us a few weekends ago.

Each element thought of carefully.

Every piece placed precisely.

All the tastes working together perfectly.











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