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3 reasons to head to kamers

April 27, 2017

After visiting Kamers yesterday, my blue-haired friend Anna-Belle sent me a voice note and told me to get my butt there because of all the cute baby stuff. Well I got my butt there and I was very happy I did. Not only did I find the most incredible clothes for my moon bug, but I spotted some other things I loved too. Also, St John's is the most beautiful school, and I'm pretty sure the halls are haunted with ghosts and there are some secret passages around.


Reason 1 - Flynn Jaxon


I am obsessed with this Durban-based brand. The clothes are silky soft, beautifully made, and so flipping stylish. I bought bug a little blue dress with brown pockets, and a boy's jumpsuit in black with brown detailing. 






Reason 2 - Archibold Solid Woods


Think beautifully light coloured wood, unique shapes, and modern design. This dream duo really understands quality and I wanted to deck my entire house out with their pieces. 





Reason 3 - Food and flowers


Ok so technically 4 reasons. 

The food was incredible. I had a falafel yiro, and then indulged in some churros with cocoa sauce. And then the flower stand, or rather protea stand. They're my favourite SA flowers, which felt quite fitting on Freedom Day. 








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