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how I got my strength back after my pregnancy

April 26, 2017

Here's the thing, I didn't. I got stronger. 


Exercise after pregnancy is tricky because not only has your body gone through a huge shift, taken major strain, and made permanent changes, but you're also exhausted. For the first 6 weeks, I focused on walking. Even this was challenging on some days, but I tried to go a little further every time. 


Once I got the clear from my doctor to get moving again I took it very slowly. I turned to people like Brittany Noonan for some guidance because I didn't want to hurt myself in the process of getting my strength back. Her Instagram is great because she guides you through workouts you can do at home, and explains exactly what is safe and what isn't for recovering mamas.


I also started doing yoga at home with Adriene. This was a huge relief for me because I didn't have to plan for a week, express milk, and hope it all goes smoothly when I wanted to hit the gym. Instead, I'd jump into my active wear in the morning, wait until my bug went down for a nap and then I could have some time to just breathe, stretch and build muscle.  And on the days that she woke up a bit earlier, I'd simply do the session with her! 


The great thing about being a mom is that you become stronger without even trying, so on the days (or weeks) that I don't get around to exercise I remind myself that I'm doing more than I ever did sitting behind a computer at my desk job. At the moment I'm carrying around about 6kg with me all day long. Lifting her in and out of her cot, bouncing her on my knees, and carrying her in her car seat, are all things that are keeping me fit! 


So if you're trying to get back into exercise after your pregnancy, remember to take it slow. Be kind to your recovering body, she's done good! 




 Leggings and crop from Cotton On

Onesie from Pick n Pay Clothing

Baby headband by Juliet Crooks


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