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how I kept healthy during my pregnancy

April 24, 2017

First trimester

During the first three months of my pregnancy all I focused on was trying to survive. This meant I wasn’t able to do any exercise except the occasional walk around the block. Very occasional. Like maybe twice. Ha.


I was nauseous ALL the time. That green, seasick type of nausea. This limited my food choices a lot, and I ended up only being able to face fresh, raw, sweet foods. For breakfast I was able to stomach my protein shake on most days (I have used this one for most of my pregnancy), I lived on fruit like watermelon and berries, and mostly ate raw peppers, cucumber and tomatoes for dinner. The smell or thought of hot, cooked food had me running for the hills. This raw diet resulted in no weight gain in the first 3 months of pregnancy.


Second Trimester

Once I felt human again the first thing I did was find a pregnancy pilates class. My friend Juliet and I joined when I was 12 weeks and she was 7 weeks pregnant, and it was the best thing we ever did. This ensured that I was moving my body throughout my pregnancy. It is also a nice way to find out exactly what you should and should’t be doing with your changing body to help prepare for an easier labour and faster recovery. I also continued going to gym at this stage. I mostly did the circuit in the early weeks, and then slowly stopped that too as I could feel the weight of my growing uterus was putting strain on my body. On those days I simply walked or did light weights. 


My diet went back to normal quite quickly, and the beauty of a plant-based diet is that I didn’t have to cut anything out. I made a banana and protein shake with coconut milk most mornings, ate oats for second breakfast, munched on salads or avo rolls for lunch, and cooked delicious, colourful meals at night. I have always managed to drink a lot of water, but I cranked it up during my second trimester and got through about 2.5l a day. This kept my skin clear, and my legs strong because I was up and down to the loo a million times a day.


Third Trimester

Gym? Who is that? I just couldn’t anymore. By the time I got home from work at about 6 I was knackered. The thought of even needing to tie a shoelace got me out of breath and I just decided to not push it. I still went to pilates every week, and started doing yoga at home in mornings. This seemed to be trick, morning sessions. Once I was off work at the 35 week mark I started managing walks, yoga sessions, and even some light weights again because I was so energetic in the morning. 


Diet-wise nothing really changed. I didn’t have any cravings during my pregnancy really, except I ate a lot more fruit than usual and also indulged in a bit more chocolate. But those are things I have always enjoyed. My body was well nourished and I never had any deficiencies thank goodness.




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